Don’t Rubbish Our Roads…Or Else!

This week the government announced that litterers could be slapped with fines of up to £150, or face community service, as part of a new crackdown on rubbish covering Britain’s roads.

Litter Louts

The new litter strategy for England states that the most serious littering offenders, including motorists who throw litter out their car window, will face a large fine. Research has revealed that over a third (35%) of motorists have thrown litter out of their vehicle window, with male drivers (41%) more likely to be a culprit.


The government’s new littering strategy will include an automatic fine of £75 for drivers, if rubbish is thrown from their car. Those from the South East should aim to change their ways instantly, as, according to a study, they are currently the worst offending region in England. One in three (32%) admit to throwing litter from their vehicle window, compared to just 20% of drivers in Northern England. Liverpudlian drivers were also up there with the highest number of drivers littering on the roads with 45% making a confession compared to only 20% of drivers in Sheffield. Drivers aged between 18 and 24 were also revealed to be big offenders, with a whopping 64% acknowledging their contribution to Britain’s litter crisis.


Mike Thompson, of Leasing Options – the company behind the survey –  said: “From the state of many roads and motorways across the country, it’s clear that currently there are not enough penalties to stop littering among motorists. The fact that the new rules mean drivers will face a charge, regardless of whether they littered themselves, will hopefully see drivers become more serious about allowing passengers to litter, as well as stopping themselves.”


Thompson added: “We would love to see an improvement across all roads in the UK and it’s great to see the government is now taking action, so we can all enjoy the beauty of Britain once again.”