New Pound Spells Parking Pain

Motorists are being encouraged to book online and avoid a parking headache, after warnings that thousands of ticket machines are not ready to accept the new £1 coin ushered in last week.


According to the British Parking Association, over a quarter of Britain’s 100,000 parking machines have not yet been updated to process the 12-sided coin, meaning drivers with the new tender could struggle to park.


But, believes booking online could provide a solution. “The fact that a number of cash-operated machines aren’t ready for the new coins is likely to be irritating for drivers who will be faced with the inconvenience of having to leave their car to go and change money or find somewhere else to park,” said Harrison Woods, of


Woods added: “To avoid frustration, as well as possible delays to their journey, I would recommend drivers reserve their parking in advance online. Our platform allows drivers to book and pay for their parking through a secure system, meaning you’ll never have to root around for the correct change again.”


The new £1 coin is making its debut six months before the old ‘round pound’ is phased out in October. During this time both coins will be accepted as legal tender. However, due to a backlog for modification, it is likely to take until June for all parking machines to be updated.