Tips For Your Easter Road Trip

Perrys is urging drivers to ensure that their cars are roadworthy and legal in the run up to Easter. From Fri 14 April, millions of car journeys will be made across the UK, and, therefore, we have the following tips to help motorists stay prepared and safe during the getaway.


The correct amount of fluids and lubricants is vital to ensure all car parts are able to operate effectively. This includes the engine, windscreen wipers, and brakes. All fluid reservoirs should be filled up to manufacturer-instructed levels. Just as essential are the lights. The clocks have moved forward, and British Summer Time is here, meaning that every day is becoming longer. Nonetheless, bulbs in the headlights, running lights and taillights should be fully working.


To help avoid congestion and delays caused by roadworks, make sure that the live traffic function is activated on your radio and sat-nav so that you can take alternate routes.


Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that separate you from the road surface. Tyre pressures at the front and rear should be scrutinised as a matter of course to ensure they are right, according to the load. Under-inflation can cause unnecessary wear, and affect both fuel economy and handling. The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tread, and around the whole circumference of the tyre. 


Today’s cars are more dependent on electronic systems than ever, which is putting even greater strain on the battery. Flat batteries are behind many vehicle breakdowns, and where the battery is over five years old, you should look at getting a new one.


Fuel costs vary across the country, so use the internet to find out where you can buy inexpensive petrol or diesel. If you drive an electric vehicle, ensure that the battery is fully charged before you set out, and where the charging points are on your route.


When motoring, it is best that you rest for about 15 minutes every two hours to stay revitalised and on the ball. If possible, alternate with another legitimate driver if you are intending to cover a substantial distance. This will give you the chance to relax for a longer time before getting behind the wheel again.


Road trips can be draining, and little kids can often become fidgety. To keep them active during the drive, take lots of toys and colouring books with you. Use what is around you to get the attention of children with visual games like ‘I-Spy’, which can help take the boredom out of the journey. Also, remember to pack charging leads and adaptors to prevent tablets and other portable electronic devices running out of juice.

Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, says: “It pays to take the time to make sure that your vehicle is safe, and to sort out everything you need to take with you. Furthermore, with various apps and the internet, it’s now even simpler to plan your road trip, which will help prevent any hitches during the Easter weekend.”