Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 10

Motoring Journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been updating us about the Ford Grand C-Max for the last few months. Here are his latest musings about what it’s like to live with.


Ah, the good old Ford Grand C-Max. I’ve lived with the car for three months now, and still like it. Sure, it’s not the best looking motor on the planet; one colleague even described it as ‘bottom heavy’ and that it looked ‘snail-like’. I couldn’t really see where he was coming from, but as a designer, his eye for detail is perhaps better than mine.


Whatever, I’ve been very happy with the looks – and the way the 2.0 turbo diesel engine has pulled me and my family along since December. Just to remind you, the C-Max is a compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) – and in Grand C-Max guise, the car will take seven occupants.


The third row of seats are really only for kids, and we’ve had them tucked into the boot floor for the majority of the time. However, as you may have read in previous posts, the additional seating comes in very handy when giving lifts to other kids, or car sharing. Ah yes, there’s nothing like the peace and quiet of hooking up with another parent and their screaming offspring!


Has anything gone wrong with the car since December? Well, not really. The only quirk seems to be a rather sensitive windscreen washer re-fill warning light. It’s a tad too keen to keep reminding me about the windscreen washer bottle’s thirst for fluid. You literally pour the washer fluid or water in one day, and the next it’s pinging up a warning message again. To be fair, though, spring has only just kicked in, and I guess I have needed to spray the windscreen loads during particularly filthy winter days. But I still think the sensor could chill out a bit more.


The Grand C-Max, pimped out in Titanium X form, really has done the business for me in terms of comfort. Of all the kit that is packed into the Ford, I’ve been so grateful for the heated front seats and the heated steering wheel. Little luxuries like these have meant more to me than the car’s good-looking 18-inch alloy wheels, leather seats and Powershift automatic transmission.


So far, 40mpg has been a common figure displayed in the C-Max’s driver’s binnacle. It’s not near the official 56.5mpg Ford quotes, but it’s by no means an uneconomical motor, especially as I have a ‘heavy’ right foot. The 0-62mph sprint of 10.7 seconds feels a lot quicker than the black and white figures state. And, knowing that the top speed is 124mph gives you an idea of how capable the car is on a motorway run. Of course, I’ve not tried that speed here – I like keeping my licence, but the C-Max would certainly enjoy some of the Autobahns in Germany.


Anyway, my time with the excellent Grand C-Max is nearly over, but I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in another quick piece about this MPV before the boys from the Blue Oval brand come to take it away.