Citroën Berlingo Goes Electric

The Citroën Berlingo passenger car is now available with an electric drivetrain, in the form of the E-Berlingo Multispace.


The new model offers a refined, zero-emission driving experience and sets new standards in the sector for peace-of-mind and ease of use. This new addition to the Berlingo Multispace range retains the versatile design, space, comfort and essential equipment that has made the conventionally-powered models such a benchmark in the leisure activity vehicle segment. The new E-Berlingo Multispace extends Citroën’s electric vehicle range, which already includes the C-Zero and Berlingo Electric LCV.


Powered by a compact and high-performance motor, the new vehicle accelerates swiftly and smoothly. The refined and comfortable ride of this versatile car is designed to meet the demands of active families, whilst adding all the advantages of an electric drivetrain.


The fresh vehicle’s lithium-ion battery packs are positioned in the subframe either side of the rear axle, which means the cabin layout and boot volume are retained. The E-Berlingo Multispace is fully adaptable and boasts a modular design that can accommodate up to five people, or larger loads when the seats in row two are folded away. The boot volume is amongst the best in class at 675 litres with five people on-board, increasing to 3,000 litres with the row two seats folded down. The second tier of seats can also be removed completely to create a fully flat load area. Access to the vehicle couldn’t be simpler with two sliding side doors, plus a large rear tailgate. The tailgate has an window that opens independently, making loading the boot easier in confined spaces.


The E-Berlingo is perfect for urban and suburban use, and professional applications where there is easy access to charging points. The new model offers all the benefits associated with a 100% electric vehicle, including enviromental advantages, low runnning costs, plus taxation and parking benefits. The new E-Berlingo Multispace is equipped with the same proven electric drivetrain as the Berlingo Electric LCV, which is already in service with numerous fleet customers across Europe.


With a range of 106 miles, measured on the NEDC cycle, the E-Berlingo Multispace is perfectly adapted to consumer use – the majority of European motorists drive less than 60 miles each day.