Ford Leads Driverless Future Vision

Ford's Self Driving Vehicle

Ford is currently winning hearts and minds with UK motorists interested in a driverless future.


A recent study revealed 40% of motorists are not interested in a fully-autonomous car, but of those that are; Ford is their most desirable brand.


Reflecting on the report findings by Auto Trader, spokesman, Jon Quirk, said: “It’s undeniable that we are headed towards a fully-autonomous future. There is major progress being made by car makers and tech companies, but consumers are also becoming more attuned to owning cars that are more fuel efficient, technologically savvy and better connected, as the car evolves further to meet the demands of modern lifestyles.”


Quirk added: “UK motorists picked Ford dealers due to positive past experiences with the brand, which naturally led them to think positively about its delivery of cars in the future, despite drastic changes to how they will be built and, more importantly, used by motorists in the future.”


By revealing the factors that made each brand desirable to motorists when considering a fully-autonomous future, Auto Trader’s report highlights the top buying considerations for motorists, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each brand competing in the automotive space race in the eyes of motorists today.


Quirk concluded: “The fundamental question for UK car buyers is whether they consider a fully-autonomous vehicle a tech product, or a car product. If car buyers naturally think of a driverless car as a technology product, you could argue that continued positive experiences with tech brands through products like phones, computers and online services could play a big role in a consumer’s buying considerations in the future. But we can’t ignore what the research is telling us today; which is that car manufacturers are leading the race through decades of delivering tried and tested on-road products that have created years of positive experiences and trust in these brands in the process.”