Does Your Car’s Technology Baffle You?

With more than half a million new cars set to be sold this month, 40 per cent of drivers admit they don’t know how to use the technology in their new vehicle. And more than four in ten believe safety could be compromised as a result, according to new research.

Digital Dummies

More than half of Brits also admitted to being digital dummies as they cannot use all of the functions of their smartphones, tablets and other devices. The study revealed that the average new vehicle handover lasts just 51 minutes covering the financial transaction and demonstrations of the safety features, entertainment systems, comfort settings, basic maintenance and more.

Complex Cars

Researchers spoke to 2,000 motorists for Continental Tyres as part of its Vision Zero, a long term commitment to reduce fatalities worldwide. Some 44 per cent of drivers think more time should be taken to cover the complex systems and settings now being added to all vehicles.

Product Proficient

Continental Tyres’ safety expert, Mark Griffiths, said: “New technologies are adding features to the devices and products we use all of the time, including the cars we drive. If we don’t have the chance to keep pace with innovations in convenience and comfort that might be a shame, but when advances are delivered to increase road safety, it’s vital we have the chance to understand how we benefit to the full extent possible.”