Living With A Ford Grand C-Max Part 8

Ford Grand C Max.

Motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, has been driving the Ford Grand C-Max for two months now. This week, he highlights the real-world practicality of the car.


Okay, with three kids, I’m happy to say the Ford Grand C-Max has been a useful car to have in the family since mid-December. But what have I learned about living with the car in terms of its practicality? Well, the boot is minuscule with all seven seats in place, but it swells to offer truck-like boot space when required. The seven-seat Ford Grand C-Max has more general room than the standard five-seat C-Max – just don’t look forward to making use of it all when the rear two seats are in place. Stow them away into the load floor, though, and you have a substantial boot.


Overall, at 1,684mm high, 1,828mm wide and 4,520mm long, the Grand C-Max offers good storage and interior space. There is lots of room in the second tier of seats for adults, but the third seating row is only large enough when the central row of seats has been pushed forward, affecting legroom.


The Ford Grand C-Max’s visibility is marvellous, though, and the driving position is first-rate, with the steering wheel and seat wholly adjustable to make sure you can get comfy.


The sliding rear doors prove valuable in car parks and are extremely convenient for hauling small kids and their school bags in and out. Additionally, there are ISOFIX mounts on two of the second-tier of seats to fix child seats into. Nonetheless, down-to-earth though it is, the Ford Grand C-Max’s interior is slimmer than it first appears, so if you require more room – or you carry lots of wide passengers – you may be more contented with the bigger Ford S-Max.


There is no denying it is hugely pragmatic inside the Ford Grand C-Max, but with all the seats in place, there’s only a paltry 65 litres of boot space remaining, which is just about enough for a bunch of supermarket shopping bags. But collapse the third tier of seats and boot room inflates to 448 litres, which is a fair bit more than you get in many family-sized hatchback-style cars.


When you do need that additional room for moving big and awkward items, the second tier of seats also stows away flat to give a colossal 1,715 litres of volume. Oh, and there’s no annoying boot lip to snag things on, so heaving unwieldy objects into the Grand C-Max’s boot is stress-free.

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Tim will be back soon with another update on what it’s like living with a Ford Grand C-Max. In the meantime, if the Grand C-Max whets your appetite, please get in touch with us for a test drive.