We Are A Nation Of Trusting Lovers

Research shows that the UK is a nation of trusting lovers, with over half of drivers (58%) saying they would put their full trust in their partner to drive their car, compared with 7% who said they would only trust themselves.


And, if you thought that we British were a nation of fault-finding back-seat drivers, almost half (48%) of motorists surveyed say they never nag their other half whilst driving. According to the study by LeasePlan, older drivers find even less fault in their loved ones, as 65% of over 55s say they never bicker with their partner whilst driving.


It’s not just bickering that takes a back seat for older drivers; only 40% of those quizzed over the age of 55 claimed they were a better driver than their partner, compared with more than half (59%) of 25-34 year-olds, who would rather put themselves behind the wheel.


The data gleaned from 1002 respondents across the UK, did suggest that some of us still like to ‘nag’, with more than one-in-five (25%) of those questioned hung-up about their partner driving too fast and 16% getting irate over bad parking. Men are more likely to consider themselves as the better driver (64%). Beeping the car horn, road rage, and not reading road signs were also highlighted as reasons for berating their partner’s driving ability.

Love Wins

So, whilst some co-drivers might always find a bee in their partner’s bonnet, nearly half of Brits are driving love forward and are swapping nagging for niceties to celebrate the week of love.