Young Driver Distraction Fears

A study by Goodyear Tyres UK recently highlighted that 23 per cent of young drivers said the risk of being prosecuted did not affect their mobile phone use behind the wheel.


Kate Rock, of Goodyear Tyres, said: “It’s vital to speak up if you see a driver is distracted, so that we, as a nation, begin to view safe driving as the celebrated way to drive – for all ages – and work to reduce road crash statistics.”


“The worrying statistic is that over a quarter (28 per cent) of those young drivers who had a near miss or accident didn’t tell their parents about the incident. This increases to one in three of drivers aged 17-19 years old who keep the collision a secret.” said Rock.

Red Light

The same study by the tyre manufacturer also revealed that nearly one in five young drivers (18 per cent) had driven through a red light due to being distracted, with men more likely to do so than women (23 per cent to 17 per cent). Also, 42 per cent of young drivers said they have used their mobile phone illegally whilst driving in the past year.


“A major study in 2008 reported that one in five young drivers are likely to have an accident in the first six months of driving, so it’s imperative that more education is provided to make young drivers aware of the dangers of distractions, so that safe driving becomes second nature,” added Rock.