A Guide To Saving Fuel

Saving cash will be on the agenda for many motorists this year, but we often disregard the expenses that stem from our car. So, this week, we’ve put together a guide to help you save fuel.

Stay Smooth

Keep your driving steady; smooth acceleration and using a higher gear will drink less petrol or diesel. Take the pressure off the accelerator early for traffic lights if they are red. Why hurry to hang about?

Dodge Rush Hour

Try to eschew driving in the rush hour. Stopping and starting in commuter traffic means the use of first gear and this means a lot of fuel is gulped down to get your car on the move again.

Top Tyres

Keep your car’s tyres in good condition and at the correct pressures. When they need replacing, there are tyre brands which are designed for extra efficiency, which may be worth bearing in mind.

Lose Weight

Get rid of needless weight. Take hefty items out of the car if you don’t need to transport them. A roof box or roof rack will cause drag and you will consume more fuel to overcome this. Take these off if not being used.

Air Conditioning

Switch off the air conditioning – it uses additional fuel. When the rear window is demisted, kill the rear screen heater; the more electricity your vehicle uses, the more fuel it will gobble.

Speed Savvy

Keep your speed down. It sounds obvious, but driving quickly means your car will lap up fuel like a thirsty dog. Try pushing less heavily on the accelerator – often you can keep the same speed up with less right foot weight on the pedal.

Small Changes

Perrys’ motoring journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, said: “Fuel is costly, but making small changes can have a significant difference on our fuel spending. Scrutiny and planning essential journeys will help. Keep in mind that fuel saving and safety can be complementary if we drive efficiently.”