Here Comes The Sun…

Dark winter days can be depressing, so a bit of uplifting winter sun is always good – apart from when it dazzles drivers.

Low Sun

The low winter sun is always an issue at this time of the year – and it sometimes creeps so low that even your vehicle’s sun-visors aren’t enough from feeling like you’ve got retinal burn-out.


Scarily, dazzled drivers were involved in more than 2,500 crashes in the UK last year – with 17 of them being fatal accidents. Despite the kit we have to shield us from the brightness, it can often be forgotten.


This week, Perrys’ motoring  journalist, Tim Barnes-Clay, gives some tips about how to drive more safely with the brilliance of the seasonal sun.

1. Keep Smear-Free

Ensure your vehicle’s windscreen is smear and smudge free inside and out. Salt and dirt deposits can make the glare of the sun seem worse.

2. Washer Fluid

On the outside of you car’s windscreen, look for cracks or chips, and buy new wiper blades if the others appear worn or they smear the screen constantly. Also, make certain your windscreen washer bottle is topped up regularly. Use decent quality windscreen washer fluid so that it doesn’t freeze.

3. Clean Cloth

Keep a good quality, clean, microfibre cloth or chamois to wipe away the filthy film that can build up on the inside of your car’s windscreen, due to condensation and screen heating.

4. Sun-Visors

Even though the sun can still creep in, flip down your car’s sun-visors. It may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people drive into the sun without using them at all.

5. Sunglasses

Buy some polarized sunglasses and always make time for a break. You will get eye strain rapidly if the sun is causing you to squint while you drive.

6. Slow Down

Drop your speed and leave more of a gap between your car and the vehicle in front of you. If the sun blinds you for a second, the extra space will give you more time to return to full control without panicking.