Tougher Sentences For Criminal Drivers

Proposals from the Government to bring in much tougher sentences for criminal drivers have been welcomed.


The Government has just begun a consultation to discuss proposals to increase the penalties given to drivers who cause death by careless or dangerous driving. There is currently a maximum sentence of 14 years, though in 2015 the average custodial sentence for causing death by careless or dangerous driving was under four years.

New Offence

The proposed changes could increase the maximum penalty to life imprisonment. The Government is also consulting on introducing a new offence, causing serious injury by careless driving.


GEM Motoring Assist says it sees how victims’ families are constantly let down when it comes to obtaining justice for their appalling loss. The road safety body believes that although these higher-end driving offenders may not have set out choosing to kill the innocent person who happened to be in their way, it claims their actions and decisions were all conscious and deliberate.


GEM spokesman, Neil Worth, said: “Only a driver chooses the speed of the vehicle he or she is driving, so to choose to drive at an illegal or dangerous speed is a conscious and deliberate act. We must ensure that punishment fits the crime. Therefore if you kill, you should expect a long period of imprisonment, whether your weapon happens to be a gun, a knife or a vehicle.”