Drive Like Mum Or Dad To Keep Safe

Perrys is encouraging motorists to ‘drive like a mum or dad’ when they get behind the wheel of car. The reason behind this is that in a recent survey of 1,000 parents, most admitted to substantial improvements in their driving with a child in the car. A third of mums and dads (36%) keep a closer eye on safety precautions, while nearly half (45%) pay more attention to other cars, and 34% are more mindful of road signs.

Keeping Safe

Many motorists, including the author of this piece, have children. And when kids come on the scene we try to keep safe in a more cognisant way. When your child becomes restless you might think mum or dad’s driving becomes worse. But research shows that the ability for parents to shift focus from what is happening in the car to what’s going on with their driving stops them from going into ‘auto-pilot’ mode.

Top Tips

As part of our weekly buyer’s guides, we thought we’d share some top tips on how to drive like mum or dad, making car journeys less perilous for road users.

Extra Time

You can’t always forecast road works or traffic jams; so, to make sure you are not fretting about being delayed and you don’t get tempted to reach for your mobile to let others know, plan ahead. Leave lots of time to reach your journey’s end without stress and strain.

Keep Calm

While mums and dads are used to the sound of a screaming infant or an attention-seeking little one in the vehicle, non-parents driving with kids in the car may get flustered – and this can cause a break in concentration. It’s best not to sweat the small stuff, so chilling to calming music can help drivers concentrate on the road better.

Belt Up

Parents spend loads of time ensuring their tot is belted into their seat correctly. Why not spend as much time doing the same for yourself and your passengers? An emergency stop, or an accident can come out of the blue – so spending more time on belting up properly could prove to be a life-safer.

Heightened Awareness

Mums and dads may drive far more safely because of their kids, but they tend to have a heightened awareness of who else may be on the road or path, too. Like parent drivers, realising that your speed can maim or kill should stop you from putting your right foot on the gas too much.


Parents are used to mapping out their days with accuracy, and this incorporates knowing their best route, as well as where they can safely stop to attend to their kids, if they must. While motorists without children won’t need to pack a baby bag, having decided on a route before you leave and carrying some water in the vehicle could be convenient if you’re snarled up in a traffic jam.


As many of us at Perrys are parents, we realise the importance behind vehicle safety. Your child’s life literally lays in your hands. Drivers without children can really learn from the behaviours parents acquire and should treat every trip as if a priceless piece of cargo is aboard.