Do You Clock Up A High Mileage? Then Check This Out!

A car’s ability to handle high mileage, and the length of warranty it has, is a pretty big deal when considering a new vehicle.

Petrol vs. Diesel

For instance, you don’t want to be checking out vehicles that are only available with a petrol engine. This is due to the fact that a diesel unit is far better suited to coping with long distance commutes. If you go for a petrol-powered car, and you regularly drive long distances, then you could end up forking-out more pounds at the pumps than if you drove a diesel.

Top Two

Most car-makers offer a three-year or 60,000 miles warranty. Then again, there are some manufacturers that believe in their cars so much, that they are confident enough to offer even longer warranties. There are two automakers that stick out from the pack when it comes to handling high mileage and top warranties.


South-Korean firm, Kia, has a seven-year warranty on its models –  or it covers up to 100,000 miles, whichever milestone comes first. With many car companies still only offering three-year manufacturer or 60,000 mile warranties, that’s a big difference. Kia also offers unlimited mileage for the first three years of the car’s life.

Transferable Warranty

Even better, Kia’s warranty is also transferable to other owners. This is something that isn’t as commonplace with other manufacturer’s three year warranties. So, basically, if you keep your brand-new Kia car for four years and you sell it with a reasonable mileage, the next proprietor will still reap the benefits of three years’ warranty.

Things To Consider

Kia is a lot of motorists’ car-maker of choice for high mileage. Nevertheless, there are some factors that just knock it from first place. For instance, there is just one year of breakdown recovery, and Kia’s generous seven-year warranty doesn’t cover the whole shebang. The air conditioning system and battery are covered for just two years, and the car’s audio unit is covered for three years. So, there are some slight drawbacks.

Visit Perrys

However, Kia has a good range of cars on offer – and you can see them and test-drive them by visiting any of Perrys’ Kia dealerships.


Although Kia may be the top choice for many, fellow South Korean brand, Hyundai, pips it to the post in some ways.

Unlimited Mileage

With a five-year warranty, Hyundai doesn’t have as long a guarantee as Kia. However, that warranty comes with unlimited mileage, and you get breakdown recovery for that whole half decade period. And, all that is transferable to the car’s next owner.


Of course, there are downsides. Hyundai will only cover the battery and clutch for two years and the guarantee on the suspension runs out at 60,000 miles. But, all things considered, five years with breakdown cover and no constraints on mileage is admirable.


Hyundai doesn’t have quite as many cars in its line-up as Kia does, but, as you’ll see when you visit Perrys Luton and Dunstable Hyundai, there’s still an impressive choice of models to check out.


There we go, these are two car brands worth looking at if you are a high-rolling, high mileage driver. The more miles you clock up, the more your car’s mileage dips in value, and the likelihood of gremlins rearing their ugly heads increases. Therefore, a robust warranty is essential so that you don’t get stung with any extra repair bills.