14 Months Of Our Lives Stuck In Traffic Jams

Almost one in five British motorists will spend 14 months stuck in traffic jams during their lifetimes, according to a new poll.

Snarl Ups

An AA-Populus poll canvassed 20,845 AA members on how many hours a week on average they estimate to spend in traffic jams. Some 17% of drivers reported spending at least three hours in snarl-ups every week – a total of 156 hours a year.


The study also revealed more than half of British motorists (55%) were caught in jams for at least half an hour a week with a further 22% suffering an hour and half at a standstill. As a whole, UK drivers spend 38.25 million hours a week in traffic jams – more than 1.98 billion hours a year.

Regional Differences

In London, more than a quarter (27%) of respondents estimated they got caught up on congested roads for at least three hours a week, compared with Scotland (11%) and Wales (13%). And one in ten Londoners said they spend at least an hour a day in traffic jams.

Tyre Wear

Mark Shankland, of AA Tyres, said: “We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam, often when we’ve been desperate to get somewhere, such as catching a flight or rushing to get home after a hard day in the office. But it’s not just your temper that may wear thin if you’re accelerating and braking in a short space of time. Excessive and persistent braking could rapidly increase tyre wear, particularly in extremes of heat or cold.”

Performance and Safety

Shankland added: “If you find that you are braking frequently and heavily, whether in a stop-start motorway traffic jam, or in highly congested urban areas, then it’s worth checking your tyres more regularly for signs of wear and tear. Tyres in poor condition could seriously compromise the performance and safety of your vehicle.”