Dacia Introduces Three Refreshed Models

Dacia will introduce three new models at the Paris Motor Show: the Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan MCV.


The Paris Motor Show provides an opportunity for Dacia to celebrate another year of new sales records and share these changes made to the range line up. The new models are more attractive than ever, but still the most affordable new cars in Europe.


To the exterior, the front end has been reconfigured on all three models, giving a recognisable Dacia family look. The updated bumper, grille, and air vents confirm the robust nature of the range. The new lights, which now use LEDs, are more elegant and modern looking. They form four rectangles, creating the new Dacia lighting signature. The rear lights have also been redesigned in the same spirit. The interior has also received updates to the features, materials, ergonomics, storage areas, and more.


The new models redesigned from the inside out, including powertrains will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday, 29 September. The unveiling will be simulcast on www.facebook.com/Dacia.


Dacia has a long history associated with Renault, the French brand first working with Dacia plants in Romania in the 1960s, before acquiring them fully in 1999. The brand concept is simple: to shake up preconceived ideas. Dacia produces spacious, robust, high-quality vehicles of original design that are affordable for everybody.


Dacia vehicles offer exceptional value for money. Reliable and resistant, they carry a three-year warranty and embody the best of Renault expertise. Since 2004, the range has been expanding constantly and buyers have a wide array of vehicles to choose from.