Ford Ranger review

Ford Ranger.

The Ford Ranger is a true pick-up truck with both on and off-road capabilities, but what makes it so special?


The Ford Ranger’s bold modern style emphasises the robust nature of this vehicle. It looks tough from every angle, and is ready for everything the elements can throw at it.

This resilience is combined with a sleek aerodynamic edge that makes the Ford Ranger a great car both on and off the road.

The large cargo area is perfect for storing large bulky items, whilst still looking stylish in the process.

The Ford Ranger is available in a range of bold metallic colours, meaning you can make it your own before you’re out on the road.


The cabin of the Ford Ranger is just as durable as its exterior; it’s ready for any adventure you throw at it and will keep you safe in the process.

The Ford Ranger has a spacious and comfortable exterior, which makes long bumpy trips smooth and enjoyable. There’s plenty of head, leg and elbow room, as well as plenty of storage space for things you don’t want to put in the outside cargo area. The glove compartment has 11.9 litres of space and can hold a 15” laptop – keeping it safe, secure and dry whilst you’re out exploring.

The seats are designed with ergonomics in mind, and you have four interior trim options to choose from if you opt for the Ford Ranger.

This vehicle has a number of gadgets; most notably the brand new Ford SYNC 2 with an 8” colour touch screen. This controls your music, your phone, your navigation system and even your climate control by touching the screen, using voice commands or the handy controls on the steering wheel. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available via hotspots with a USB modem.

For an extra level of security, the Ford Ranger also provides Ford Emergency Assistance that calls the Emergency Services in the event of an accident.

On the road

The Ford Ranger has been around for a while, but Ford have bestowed upon it some new gadgets to haul it into the 21st Century. Here’s a brief look at a few of them:

• Adaptive Cruise Control

• Lane Keeping System

• Traffic Sign Recognition

• Driver Alert

• Rear view camera

• Parking sensors

• On-board trip computer

• ‘Distance to empty’ gauge

Speaking of refuelling, the Ford Ranger has a cap-less fuelling system – much cleaner for the fingers! It’s also impossible to put the wrong fuel in your car thanks to the new receptacle.

Another great gadget is the QuickClear system. Press one button and your windscreen will de-ice/defrost in seconds, no matter what the outside temperature is.

Off the road

We all know that the Ford Ranger was designed to be used off-road, so here are a couple of things that make it perfect for adventurous driving:

• Off-Road Pack – this option includes engine, transfer case and fuel tank protection to reduce the risk of damage when driving on uneven ground.

• Selectable 4×4 options – this ensures that you have complete control of your driving experience as you can change it while you drive. We suggest the 4×2 mode for regular driving, 4×4 High for poor road surfaces and dirt tracks and the 4×4 Low range for exceptionally challenging terrain.

• Hill descent control – in both forward and reverse gears, your Ford Ranger will regulate your downhill speed in off-road conditions.

• ESC (Electronic Stability Control) – monitors progress and senses deviations from your chosen driving line, through skidding or other events, and helps you to reposition and regain control.

The Ford Ranger also includes Roll Over Mitigation, Hill Start Assist, Advanced Traction Control, Load Adaptive Control and Tyre Pressure Monitoring, all to keep you safe whilst venturing off the beaten track.

Thanks to all of these elements, the Ford Ranger can survive the harshest environments. Its ability to carry up to 1,269 kg, tow up to 3,500 kg and wade through water up to 800 mm have made it a hero in many dire situations, including the devastating floods in December 2015.

The Ford Ranger also utilises the Trailer Sway Assist feature, so that when towing it detects snaking or trailer sway and reduces speed to solve the problem.

Our verdict

The Ford Ranger is a great car – both on and off-road. It is a tough and dependable vehicle with a massive load capacity. Its smooth and powerful engines are highly fuel efficient and emit a low level of CO2 emissions and available with both manual and automatic handling.

It might be a bit big and bulky for the average school run, but it is full to the brim with gadgets and gizmos to help you out whether you’re in a tight car park or way out in the wild. Wherever you are, you’re bound to be safe with the Ford Ranger.

If you want to find out more about the Ford Ranger, or any of our other new cars, head on down to your local Perrys dealer today.