Decent Parking Facilities Are A Must

Decent parking facilities providing basic needs for lorry and van drivers are a must, according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

Roadside Facilities

Reacting to the Transport Focus – ‘Take a break – Road users’ views about roadside facilities’ report –  the FTA stated that it supports the view that it needs Highways England, local and national Government to work with the freight industry to solve the problem of inadequate roadside service for motorists.

Rest Breaks

The FTA has repeatedly said that better roadside facilities are required – particularly for professional drivers who are legally required to take regular rest breaks. The findings of the new research, published this week, by Transport Focus, reflect the views of a wide variety of road users, including car, lorry and coach drivers, who were asked their views on roadside facilities.


Malcolm Bingham, of the FTA, commented: “The FTA fully supports the findings of the Transport Focus report regarding Lorry Parking which clearly identifies the need for better driver facilities on our strategic road network. The research quotes lorry drivers who said that all too often there aren’t truck stops located where they need them, and even where they do exist availability of parking spaces can be a problem.”


Mr Bingham concluded: “We now look to the national and local road authorities, and the Department for Transport, to set out plans to ensure that there are adequate facilities for drivers on freight routes which will enable them to comply with legal requirements to stop in areas that provide them with decent levels of service.”