Citroen C3 Review

Citroen C3 car.

It doesn’t seem very long since we last wrote about the Citroen C3, but last week it was announced that there was going to be a new and improved model on the roads, so we had to take a look!


To describe the new Citroen C3 in one word is a difficult challenge, but the one we’d opt for is bold. The front-end is undoubtedly a Citroen, and the body’s soft lines and flowing curves superbly contrast with the striking colour schemes to deliver a powerful and energetic look.

This car may be little, but you definitely won’t be able to miss it. The design itself is fresh and innovative, whilst focusing on comfort and displaying your personality. With the new Citroen C3, you’re given the opportunity to create your own look as there are up to 36 possible colour combinations. The bespoke colouring will truly make the car your own and allow you to show off your personality as well as the cars.

Here is a breakdown of the personalisation options:

• 9 exterior colours
• A two-tone exterior paint option
• Choice of three roof colours
• Complimentary touches of colour around the car (fog lights, door mirrors, rear quarter panels and the AirBump panels).

This brings us nicely on to the AirBump panels themselves. They were originally seen on the Citroen C4 Cactus, but are now expected to make an appearance across the Citroen range. A worldwide exclusive for Citroen, the AirBump technology is made up of a vast array of air capsules under a soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) skin that protects your car against everyday bumps and bruises that could become costly and ruin that personalised finish very quickly.

The new look of the Citroen C3 has certainly shaken up the market, and we haven’t even got inside yet! What goodies could there be in the cabin?


Again, you get the opportunity to personalise your car. You’ll have a choice of four different interiors, all of which deliver a spacious yet intimate feel thanks to the shape of the seats and an uncluttered dashboard.

The new design of the Citroen C3 has definitely been influenced by the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, and boy does it pay off! The comfortable seats make the longest of journeys a pleasure rather than a pain, the panoramic glass sunroof fills the car with light and the colour and fabrics inside all make you feel relaxed and at home whilst on the move.

The dashboard is clear of any ungainly buttons. This is because most of the Citroen C3’s functions are controlled by the 7-inch touchscreen on the centre console. This also controls the Infotainment system that already supports Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink. Citroen has said to expect Android Auto functionality in early 2017.

Even though the Citroen C3 is a supermini, the boots-space is pretty good. With the 300l of space, you can fit all your bits and bobs in without worrying about them clattering around while you drive.

On the road

This car is full to the brim with interesting technologies to keep your driving experience interesting and safe. One such feature is the ConnectedCAM. This is an online HD camera, located behind the rear view mirror, that can capture both images and video that can be instantly shared on social media, or saved as evidence in the event of an accident. Working similarly to a dash-cam, you’ll be able to save all your road-trip snaps with just a click of a button.

Citroen C3’s advanced driver assistance system is even better than the entertainment system. It includes:

• Voice controlled 3D navigation
• Reversing camera
• Lane departure warning
• Blind spot monitoring

All of the engines available with this model are highly efficient; both the PureTech petrol and the Blue HDi Diesel engines have been commended for their fuel efficiency and smooth running whilst delivering a high level of performance. The latest generation of the EAT6 fully automatic gearbox is also available with the new Citroen C3.

The keyless start and entry system is also a bonus for those of you who are never quite sure where you last put them!

Our verdict

We really liked the old Citroen C3 model, and so did the public – since launching in 2002, over 3.6 million have been sold. However, dare we say it, this one might be even better!

The bold colours and design demand attention for this compact car, and the functionality and comfort levels make it a hot contender for the hotspot in its class. Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio look out – the new Citroen C3 may be smaller than you, but don’t underestimate it!

Available only in a five-door version, and starting at just £11,000, we believe that this renewed version of the Citroen C3 is set to be one of the best super-minis around.

If you want to know more about the new Citroen C3, or any of our new cars, pop down to your local Perry’s dealer today.