The best cars for summer

Whether you’re cruising along the highway or going camping in the woods, you’ll need a car that suits your summer needs. So which car is right for you? Let’s find out!

Feel that free, fresh wind in your hair

When driving by the seafront, or even through the city, you want to feel that cool breeze going through your hair, so a convertible is definitely the way to go for a luxurious summer driving experience. Sleek, stylish and sporty cars like the Mazda MX-5 are perfect for you and your favourite person to enjoy your summer road trip, and with an easy-to-use soft-top you’ll be perfectly prepared for a traditional rainy English summer, and look good in the process.

We’re ALL going on a summer holiday

Those sporty roadsters aren’t going to get you far if you have kids (but it’s a good reason to leave them with the grandparents for a weekend). If you’re planning a family driving holiday you’re going to need space and a couple of added extras to keep you entertained! You don’t need to go full SUV to get the storage space you need. Go for a compact crossover like the Nissan Juke and you’ll be able to stash everything you need safely and without overloading. Nissan also provides a great entertainment system in the guise of the NissanConnect so your passengers won’t get bored on those long trips and you can drown out the inevitable “are we there yet” whines with the fantastic sound system.

Summer in the city

For zipping around the city, you need a car that was designed for sharp corners, small spaces and has a little bit of kick to keep you entertained whilst driving. Small cars, like the iconic Fiat 500, are perfect for city breaks and will allow you to explore your new location with ease and style.

Keep active this summer

If you are an active type – one of the cyclists, campers, hikers, white water rafters and mountain climbers – you will need a big and reliable car that will fit you and all your gear as well as cope with all the hilly inclines and ‘accidental’ off-road adventures. A big 4×4 is definitely the answer here, and for something with style as well as grunt, the Hyundai Sante Fe is a great investment. Its luxurious interior will provide comfort after a long and brutal hike, whilst the torque on-demand 4-wheel drive system gives you complete control, wherever you are.

A car is for life, not just for summer

Ok, it may not be for life but you get our point. A car you get for the summer, must be able to survive the winter too. And it’s not a bad idea to look at how your new car may depreciate over the years – eventually you’ll want to sell it on and you’ll want to get a good price! When buying a summer car, make sure that it’s practical for your day to day activities – do you need to get the kids to school in it? Are you just using it to commute in to work? Are you going to be driving it for hours on end, day in, day out? Find the car that’s right for you and that way, you’ll have your perfect car for the whole year, not just your summer holidays!

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