Vauxhall Helps Families United Network Charity

Twelve Vauxhall Luton Plant employees have swapped their day job of building vans for building kitchens for a local charity.

Families United Network

The Vauxhall Motors team volunteered for Luton based charity, Families United Network (FUN), which supports children and young people living with disability throughout Bedfordshire. The charity, which has recently acquired a building on the Britannia Estate on Leagrave Road, has been renovating the building to expand the services they provide for families.


The Vauxhall team supported this by assembling not only a flat-pack children’s kitchen, a platform and a play train set, but also fitting and plumbing a full kitchen for the staff and families to use.

Diane Rhodes, FUN’s Operations Manager, said, “The FUN Team are very grateful for the volunteers from Vauxhall. We were wowed by the skills and dedication of all attending. It has overwhelmed us by how much they have done for us.”


Vauxhall Motors employees are encouraged to take one day off a year to do something charitable and support the local community as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Vauxhall has also recently volunteered at other local charities such as Youthscape, Brain Tumour Trust and Happy Days.

Charlotte Maclaren, the Vauxhall Luton Plant Communications Officer, said: “It was a pleasure to help such a great charity. The team worked extremely hard throughout the day and were determined to get the job done in time. We all felt a real sense of pride when it was finished.”


Running water and an area to prepare food is an essential need for any organisation, so Vauxhall was thrilled to be able to provide this for the charity. FUN is due to open its doors to members on March 29; an opening that once looked unlikely, now looks more achievable thanks to the support of Vauxhall Motors employees.