Easter Exodus Set To Be Busier Than Last Year

The Easter exodus on Britain’s roads is expected to be busier than last year, according to recent research.


An AA survey of over 24,000 motorists found that 55 per cent intend to make a journey during the bank holiday break – up from 47 per cent last year. The motoring body says this could equate to around 11 million vehicles hitting the tarmac at some point over Easter.


Maundy Thursday (today) is set to be the most eventful day with 55 per cent of car drivers planning to take their motor for a spin, plunging to 50 per cent on Good Friday before notching up to 53 per cent on Saturday. The most hectic expanses of road are likely to involve the M5 south from Almondsbury in Gloucestershire in the direction of Exeter, the M6 north from the West Midlands on the way to Lancashire and all parts of the M25.


Easter Sunday is generally one of the most serene days of the year on the UK’s road network. Easter Monday is also anticipated to be comparatively free of traffic, although backlogs are possible from lunchtime due to motorists heading home.


The AA’s Max Holdstock said: “There’ll be pressure on the main getaway routes, particularly heading to south-west England, and the M25, M1 and M6 are also going to be very busy.”

He recommended that motorists who are driving their first long journey of 2016 to carry out maintenance checks on their car before heading off.

Meanwhile, Highways England has stated that it will finish or postpone over 450 miles of road repairs on motorways and trunk roads in time for the Easter get-away. This will leave 97 per cent of Britain’s tarmac uninhibited by road works from today.