Bridgestone’s DriveGuard Is Game Changer

Known for developing outstanding and breakthrough technologies, Bridgestone’s new product, DriveGuard, is a game changer due to its capability to be fitted into all passenger vehicles regardless of the manufacturer or model.


With 60% of drivers experiencing punctures in the last four years, leading to feelings of helplessness and insecurity combined with lost time of up to three hours, now is definitely the time to rethink tyre safety. In 23% of cases, punctures happen during the evening or late at night, which adds additional stress to the situation. Bridgestone DriveGuard underlines the company’s commitment to road safety – in practically all conditions – as it can help prevent accidents resulting from punctures, sudden loss of pressure or other types of tyre damage.


The hi-tech DriveGuard tyre uses a cooling fin design as well as supportive and tough reinforced sidewalls. This technology allows drivers to maintain control and continue driving safely and comfortably for 50 miles at 50mph after a puncture; fast enough and long enough to get home safely or to seek assistance at a service point.


Whether you’re driving to work, going home or meeting with friends for a party – there’s never a convenient time for a puncture. Drivers never want to find themselves stranded, changing their tyre on the side of the road, in the dirt, in the rain, in the dark, with no mobile ‘phone reception to call for assistance, wasting their time; over 90% drivers report losing up to three hours due to a flat tyre. Bridgestone DriveGuard provides a safe and reliable solution, allowing drivers to wipe their hands clean of inconvenient puncture scenarios. Additionally, DriveGuard eliminates the need to carry a spare tyre and is environmentally conscious due to being fully recyclable.


Unlike some other tyre mobility systems, Bridgestone DriveGuard is not restricted to a factory fitment on specific brands or car models and can be fitted on to almost all cars equipped with TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system), which is mandatory in Europe on new cars since November 2014.

Eduardo Minardi, Executive Chairman of Bridgestone EMEA, said: “Bridgestone DriveGuard empowers you to keep moving and avoid the immediate burden and unsafe circumstances of a flat tyre; drivers get to choose when and where they have their tyre replaced – within the indicated speed and distance limits. Our revolutionary new technology will considerably contribute to road safety and give drivers additional peace of mind and convenience while on the road.”

How Does It Work?

A flat tyre leads to rubber deformation which generates heat or friction; by using a special patented compound, Bridgestone created a high-tech cooling fin design in the sidewall that channels the increased heat from the sidewall towards the rim and thus helps to preserve the tyre.

Based on state of the art technology, DriveGuard’s sophisticated tread pattern helps evacuate water to resist hydroplaning, while increased biting edges enhance wet road traction. As a result, Bridgestone DriveGuard has achieved the highest rating in wet grip performance (EU Tyre Label: A grade) with short braking distances, while offering a level of comfort comparable to conventional tyres, placing it at the frontline of road safety.

Bridgestone DriveGuard will be available from March in the UK in 19 Summer and 11 Winter sizes – from 185/65 R15 up to 245/40 R18. Sizes will hit the market in two waves.