Get Correct Licence Entitlement – Or Else!

Planned powers to allow the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to block unlicensed or inappropriately licensed drivers from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, rather than having to call upon the police, would help improve road safety – according to Richard Brown of LICENCECHECK.


Presently, when the DVSA needs to ban a vehicle because the driver doesn’t have the applicable driver licence, the police must be called to take action. Recommended in a Department for Transport consultation on ‘Motoring services strategy’, the DVSA is seeking support for its staff to have the power to request for a licence to be produced and to confiscate a vehicle.

Richard said: “Cutting out a layer of policing for this common issue will mean a swifter resolution, ensuring drivers will not be on the road that do not have the correct licence entitlement.

“It’s clear that police resourcing is increasingly under pressure, and allowing the DVSA to take on responsibility themselves for this important licensing issue will make UK roads a safer place.”


Such a step would accompany an initiative presently being instigated by the DVSA, which allows it to centre resources on non-compliant operators through a recognition enforcement scheme. This then helps the industry and the police, too.

“While these proposed changes are primarily driven by cost savings,” added Richard, “they are one way of addressing the unlicensed vocational driver issue. For larger goods vehicles and passenger vehicles, another positive action would be to make Certificate of Professional Competence and tacho card information available to operators as part of the driving licence check.”