What is an ex-demo car?

Welcome back, petrolhead James here! This week, the time of year and stuff has got me thinking about things that are ‘nearly’, and I thought I’d expound on my favourite: nearly new ex-demo cars! If you want a great value, low mileage, well looked-after car, a nearly new ex-demo car could be a fantastic option!

So what does ‘ex-demo car’ mean?

There are a few types of ‘nearly new’ car. Probably the most well-known are ‘pre-reg’ cars, where the car is effectively new but has been purchased by the dealership so that they’re technically the first owner. These are certainly well worth considering. You can, however, achieve even bigger savings from ex-demo cars.

Ex-demo cars tend to those already used for:

  • Sitting in the showroom, looking all shiny and pretty
  • Test drives
  • Loans to dealership management

All these cases have a few things in common:

  • As you’ve probably worked out by now, they’re nearly new – demo cars are rarely more than 6 months old
  • They’re low mileage, often below 2000 miles
  • They’ve been incredibly well looked after – more on this below

So you can see they’re already a good bet. If you’re wondering if you might like to drive an ex-demo car away today, here’s more to help you make up your mind.

Why would an ex-demo car be a good choice to buy?

We’re pretty (ex-demo cars), oh so pretty!

Seeing as the demonstration cars are sitting in the showroom, aiming to inspire awe and admiration amongst potential customers (and I admit, I’m often in my local dealership for a quick salivate over the latest car models), there are a couple of notable things about them.

Firstly, dealers like to show off each model at their best, so the demo cars tend to be pretty well specced – we’re talking top of the range with loads of optional extras, such as leather seats, climate control, and sexy wheels. This means that you could get a sportier or more luxurious model than you expected from your budget.

Secondly, the dealership will take loving care of these automotive catwalk models. Even cars fresh from the production line can have little cosmetic blemishes, but for demonstration cars the dealership will have immaculately remedied all of these, both inside and out. Add to this the constant cleaning and polishing these cars receive, and they really are the best looking cars you can buy!

Love me (ex-demo car) tender!

Perrys dealers will have ensured that the demo cars have been test driven with due care – which of course you can’t ensure with a regular used car, with drivers like me around. This applies equally where the Perrys team themselves have been the main drivers, as they know they’ll be selling on these cars so need them to be in top condition.

An added benefit is that, as with the cosmetic stuff, any little mechanical niggles or technical issues will have been spotted and repaired so that potential customers get to experience the cars at their very best.

You’re the one (ex-demo car) that I want!

Hopefully this has given you a little taste of the benefits of ex-demo cars. I like to think of them as new cars but with an extended testing and run-in period, and a hefty saving thrown into the mix.

You can find a selection of them in the Nearly New section of the Perrys website. It’s also well worth having a chat with your local Perrys dealer.

Have a delightful Christmas and New Year, and I’ll see you for more car-fan action in 2016! My New Year’s Resolution will be to stop using song titles as article subheadings…