Amazing SOS Volunteer Vauxhall Vivaro Support

On Saturday a taxi driver dropped off a male passenger at St George’s Square, Luton. The gentleman was brought over to the SOS Bus as he was complaining of not feeling well. The volunteers took him onto the bus and checked him over. After a very short time he complained of chest pains and it was decided that he needed to go immediately to A & E.


The Vauxhall Vivaro, the support vehicle for the SOS bus, was used to take the gentleman straight to the L&D Hospital. Once in the Vivaro on the way it became clear that it seemed more serious than just chest pains. A&E were informed of the arrival. On coming into to the L&D he was treated and rushed to Harefield Hospital in Middlesex.


The volunteers’ speedy response and outstanding knowledge of first aid helped save his life. Just in 2015 alone the SOS Bus has prevented 84 ambulances being called to Luton town centre.  This is a huge saving of £25,200.  They have treated over 100 people this year with first aid incidents.

“There are not many towns that can boast they have an SOS Bus, Vauxhall are proud sponsors of this unique resource run by the Safer Luton Partnership,” said Cherie Denton, Vauxhall’s Community Coordinator. “2015 saw the Bus celebrating its 5th year in the town. Happy Birthday SOS Bus and thank you for the great work that you do keeping us safe.”

“I am so proud of our volunteers,” said Joan Bailey – Director of the Safer Luton Partnership, “They give their time free of charge out in the cold on Friday and Saturday evenings every week. They are remarkable people and it is wonderful that they helped save a life. If you are out at Christmas in the town centre please put your spare change in the collecting tins that are dotted around pubs and clubs. You never know if you or a friend may need their help. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Safer Luton Partnership.”