Nearly 12% of all crashes over the past year resulted in at least one vehicle being written-off, according to new research.


Analysis of 40,000 collisions handled by Accident Exchange indicates that across the UK the number of write-offs topped 257,000 in just 12 months – at a cost of £1,968,610,160.

Seasonal Divide

The new investigation highlights a clear summer-winter divide in the frequency of serious accidents which result in at least one vehicle being written-off. November sees more insurance write-offs than any other month, with the final quarter of the year notching up 30% of the annual total. Summer months – May, June and July – see the fewest total losses.

Liz Fisher, of Accident Exchange, commented:  “A total loss generally indicates that a serious accident has taken place, and the research shows that they are perhaps more prevalent than anyone expects. The value of vehicles written-off annually is staggering.”

New Cars

New car owners, who might be expected to be be particularly careful with their vehicles, are surprisingly susceptible; more than 2% of vehicles written-off – over 5,000 – are less than 12 months old.