New Astra Sports Tourer Revealed

With just days to go before the new Astra is officially launched at the Frankfurt motor show, Vauxhall have released solid information about the Sports Tourer version of the model. Sadly no images have been published but the styling from the hatch back is clear in the Sports Tourer model.

The Car

Vauxhall have decided to let the waiting press have something to chew on while they await the full launch of the new Astra. The Sports Tourer is essentially the estate version but Vauxhall choose to use this much nicer and more stylish way of saying it. As well as design, it looks like Vauxhall are happy to show off specs, engines and more for this new car so the buying public can really start planing their purchase. It will go on sale next year and is likley to be a touch more expensive than the hatch back version which makes sense.

The Design

The front of the Sports Tourer is much the same as the hatch back with a sleek bumper design, LED lights and that wide chrome grille. However, as you would expect, things change as you move down the side and to the rear of the car. The main styling difference is the general slope to the rear. To keep estate cars looking good designers often drop the roof as you move towards the boot itself and that Sports Tourer is no exception. This stylish roof line really looks good  especially as the door pillars have been blacked out the same as the windows giving a look of straight glass all the way down the side of the car. There is also a large “crease” in the body all the way down the side giving a very swept back look.


Although this next gen Sports Tourer is no bigger than before it has actually gained space on the inside. Boot space has increased by some 80 litres and both front and rear passengers get more headroom too. The car is also a whopping 200 kg lighter which will have a very positive effect on the economy figures. There will be an automatic tailgate system with the option to wave your foot under the bumper to operate it, this has been seen on other cars but so far not something Vauxhall have offered. There has been a general push with the interior to bring it up in quality and in line with slightly higher end competitors.


The power units are much the same as that on offer with the hatch back, including a 1.4 turbo petrol engine and a 1.6 Whisper diesel engine, so far there is no news regarding the super efficient 3 cylinder engine from the hatch back as it may not quite be enough power for this bigger car.


Set to hit the showrooms early next year the prices are still under wraps however the hatch back is expected to start from around £15,295 and with at least a £1000 premium for the Sports Tourer it would be fair to say starting prices will be in the range of £16,000-£16,5000. This offers great value but it will remain to be seen what options are available on the entry level model and what the costs get up to when you consider a fully loaded model. That being said, it is a good looking car, and with a increase in quality, load space and passenger space the Sports Tourer could well be a car that will shake up the market next year.