New Ford Ka Spotted During Testing

Since the concept was first shown in 2013 Ford made it clear they were brining out another Ka at some stage but until recent spy shots revealed the car on test nothing solid had been seen.

Ka Partnership

The outgoing Ford Ka was actually built in partnership with Fiat and as such shared a number of mechanical and chassis elements with Fiat cars. The new model will be a totally stand alone car and will be built using the Fiesta platform rather than anything from any other manufacturers. Sharing design is actually very common and often a very good thing but as models mature the brands are able to bring them fully in house.

Entry Level Mini

The reason Ford showed off a concept version so long ago was because it wanted to show the public it was committed to created another entry level super mini car as this segment can be a very popular one. The Ka has always filled this space in the range and makes for a perfect first car or second car for families, among other people.

The Car

Ford seem to have stuck closely to the design of the concept which shows they new exactly what they wanted and had planned even 2 years ago. At the time of the launch Ford use terms like bold design, quality engineering and innovative technology to describe the concept. These terms are likely to still describe the Ka and it is clear to see the design is still bold. The spy shots show the car towing a small trailer further confirming the massive flexibility of the winning little car. The segment the Ka falls in is set to grow substantially as the demand for small city cars continues to increase along with the demand for larger out of town SUVs. It seems the roads are likely to be a contrasting mix of high riding SUVs and low riding nippy city cars by the end of 2017.

As always, details are thin on the ground and the spy shots are all anyone has to offer. However, the car was not heavily disguised which suggests a launch is not far off and the trickle of info from industry insiders will start soon. There will be rumours of engines choices, interior options and more the get the buyers going and we could see a launch in early 2016. The second generation Ka never did quite reach the heady heights of the first so Ford will be hoping number 3 will best them both and make a massive impact when it does arrive.