Ford to Unveil New SUV Range at Frankfurt Motor Show

Ford are set to launch a euro-spec Edge model as well as more SUVs to complete a possible 5 car line up in this segment. With big predictions for the SUV market Ford are making sure they have it covered.


Supported by recent research into the buying habits of various age ranges across Europe Ford are making sure they are offering people plenty of what they want, and that is SUVs by the bucket load. The age range that seems to want SUVs even more than most is the 17-34, so called, millennial age bracket. This age group say they identify with the SUV the most and that it fits in with their active lifestyles the best. As this age range are generally likely to be able to buy cars and Ford want to make sure they are well catered for. The predicated increase in SUV sales in Europe from 2013 to the end of 2016 is 200%, that is a lot of car sales.

The Cars

Ford are planning on a renewed and reworked version of the highly successful Kuga which will include new colours, technology and wheel designs. They are also looking at re-worked versions of the Eco-Sport crossover, this will include a model with no rear mounted spare wheel and much more refined interior for a higher end market. Along with all this there will also be a European version of the bigger SUV, the Edge. This car is very popular in the US as a mid sized SUV and Ford is keen to launch it in Europe. There is also likely to be a larger Kuga model in the mix too so there is certainly a lot on the table. There will be a range of AWD and 4WD options depending on people’s needs, not everyone needs full four wheel drive, they just need it to kick in when things get slippery, but other people want that security of full time 4×4.

The Industry

As well as the overall percentage increase in Europe, analysts think by the end of 2020 the SUV will account for a staggering 27% of all cars on the roads. These kind of figures are going to be very well planned and researched but could well fall short of the reality, there is simply no stopping the rise of the SUV and people love them for so many reasons. What Ford are planning to do, as are Nissan with the new Z crossover, is to make sure they are making enough different types of SUV to please everyone. Some people want small and sporty, others want rural and chunky, there are also many people in the middle that need a bit of both.

Ford have been a leading light in SUV production and this new announcement simply shows they plan to continue to be just that and more.