The Kia Soul EV takes on an All Electric Challenge

The already very highly thought of Kia Soul EV is about to embark on a race across Northern England with an electric train. What will this prove? Well that is not entirely clear but the Soul is a brilliant car so no one seems to mind.

Electric Soul

Electric vehicles are generally very well received these days by the public and the motoring press alike. However, they still only make up around 1% of the cars bought each year. The Nissan Leaf has proved a very popular option for a while but now the Kia Soul is really stepping up the power and becoming quite the darling of the EV world. Not only it is praised for its range, handling and general drivability, it is also being used in globally important research into things like wireless charging.

The Challenge

The challenge itself is a point to point race from York castle to Carlisle castle. The aim is to show off pollution free driving so to compete with the Soul the organisers chose a totally electric train. The rules are simple, use electric power only and race between the two castles, the route is up to the drivers but clearly the train will be sticking to the tracks for this one. The Soul will be driven by a motoring journalist called Simon McBride and he is confident he can beat the train over the 122 mile route.

Kia are very proud of the fact the Soul is capable or being taken away from tiny town drives and is capable of longer runs and if there is any point to this race at all it is to show people that if they own an EV, specifically a Soul, they too should feel at ease about taking it on longer runs. As the charging technology gets better and the amount of charging points available increase there is no doubt people will take this onboard and the Soul is a great poster child to help things along.