BBR Launches Tuning Option for the Mazda 3

BBR are a relatively small UK tuning company that have always specialised in working on Mazdas, what these guys don’t know about making a Mazda go faster isn’t worth knowing. The recently offered some tuning packs for the outgoing MX5 model and now they are focusing on the Mazda 3.

What Is On Offer?

The tuning upgrades on offer here are specifically for the Mazda 3 2.0-Skyactiv-G  model. For those of you who are perhaps unsure exactly what BBR are talking about when they say “tuning” they are simply offering to make your Mazda 3 go a lot faster. However, good tuning is done with the car and not on top of it, this means the work they do will not compromise the cars reliability or wear things out. It is done after a great deal of research and designed to keep the car running as it should while at the same time squeezing out some more power from the engine.

Two Stages

BBR are offering two stages of tuning, and entry level “Super 170” package or a second level “Super 185” package.

Super 170

The Super 170 package uses BBR’s famous Starchip which effectively re programmes the engine’s computer to give the car more power. The difference will be felt right across the rev range from 2000 rpm to the 7000 rpm limiter. The 120 bhp Mazda 3 used by BBR during testing actually produced nearer 130 bhp which is nice to know for owners, but this package see the car pushed right up to a peak power of 169.7 bhp. That is a large gain and would certainly make the car feel more responsive and pull better during overtaking and motorway manoeuvres.  The torque is also increased by 11 ft lb which gives the car more pulling power, both this and the added power will really bring some extra excitment to the car and make is much easier and more fun to drive.

Super 185

The Super 185 builds on the work done for the 170 package but also adds some physical modifications in the form of a specially designed exhaust manifold. This helps the engines breath better by allowing air out faster thus allowing air in faster. To aid air intake further BBR use a custom air box to de-restrict the incoming air to the engine. The results push the total power output up to 185 bhp and the torque also rises by another 10 ft lbs. This means a total of a 50 bhp gain which in tuning circles is a massive increase.

To put these gains into context, the next time you see a silly loud exhaust on a car and hear the owner saying it gives him a power gain he is likely to have seen around 1-4 bhp at the very best from that, though more often than not it would have lost the car power due to poor installation and choice of exhaust.

My Turn!

To book your Mazda 3 or any other Mazda in for some work just drop the team at BBR a line. The prices for these packages specifically are very reasonable with the Super 170 package coming in at just £499 and the Super 185 at £1795. Both of these prices include all the fitting so once you book it in you will have a car that is all ready to go, and go it will. They even offer some additional styling kits to make sure the car looks the part too if you are really going for a racing feel.