SMMT New Reg Figures Show The Ford Fiesta Takes The Top Slot

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have just released some initial figures on the sales of cars with new registrations across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It seems in all but one country the Fiesta is very much top dog in terms of sales.


The SMMT is a highly influential trade association in the UK motoring world and when it speaks, everyone listens. It provides a wide range of information covering all aspects of the motoring trade in the UK as well as offering large road test days for journalists and many other important events. The SMMT is always very well placed to give highly significant figures when it comes to car sales so this latest information gives a strong indication of future sales.

The Results

The new 65 registration hit UK roads this week and of course people have been able to pre order cars for some time with the aim of getting a nice shiny new registration. The sales figures have been carefully monitored by the SMMT and in all but on of the countries in the UK the Ford Fiesta is the most popular and best selling car. Which country bucked the trend? well it seems Scotland, while still buying the Fiesta in big numbers, rather prefer the Vauxhall Corsa.  It is very interesting that both top selling cars are in the same segment which really highlights its popularity. The Ford Focus also made the top ten lists for 3 of the countries and came in at number 2 in England.

Why Is The Fiesta So Good?

It is often rather hard to come up with a single reason why a certain model becomes so popular, the fact of the matter is there are normally a whole raft of reasons and these can even be related to external factors like the economy as much as the car itself. In the case of the Fiesta it has actually been Britain’s best selling car for some years so this recent news may not be a big surprise to Ford dealerships and the brand itself but for many people this often inoffensive little car my not seem a likely candidate to be a titan of sales.

A review in the massively influential Auto Express magazine summed up why the Fiesta is so good in 3 simple facts. While they miss out on the many smaller but important things like great trim options and in car technology they do very much cover the main points as to why the Fiesta sells in such high numbers; Attractive Styling, Fantastic to drive and cheap to run. What more could anyone want from a small car? Being cheap to run is about more than just low fuel costs, it covers things like servicing and insurance and as such is a very powerful statement.

The Fiesta shows no signs of slowing down and by the looks of this new data is on for another record year.