Citroen Cactus M Beach Buggy Concept is Ready for Frankfurt

Citroen Cactus Beach Buggy

A while ago it was rumoured that Citroen would be launching a new concept car to a greater or lesser extent based on the Mehari launched in 1968. So much of the time, these rumours are not true but in this case, it seems the gossip was correct.

The Look

There is really no denying the fact the Cactus M is meant to be a beach buggy style car. The concept is designed with no roof and a clear all terrain feel but it is the smaller points that show it’s the real intention. The doors are plastic and there are only two of them, to get in the back there are footholds where the rear doors might have been. The boot, also plastic folds down to make a sort of “pick-up” style loading area. There are visible door hinges and a general feel of…well of a beach buggy. The side panels sit high as does the whole car, it rides on thin wheels too just like the classic 60s buggies.

The “M”

The M in the name is a clear tip of the hat to the Mehari but there are other parts that are heavily influenced by this old classic. The windscreen sits at quite an upright angle just like the original, the alloy wheel design is clearly taken from the Mehari as well as things like the single windscreen wiper.


If there was still any doubt about the intentions of this concept they are soon dashed when it becomes clear the entire interior is waterproof. It even has plugs that can be removed to let water drain out. If you happen to have a couple of surfboards they can be fixed across the top of the windscreen and the rear hoop and the seats are made out of the same material wetsuits are. All in all this concept is 100% beach ready and it looks the part too.


For now Citroen are insisting the Citroen Cactus M is purely a concept car and there are no intentions of putting it into production, however, it shows a clear intention the brand not only wants to release more SUVs but that it is also not afraid of being bold. This concept really pushes Citroen out there is a company that can make cool and impressive cars, but also ones with substance.