Peugeot Fractal Concept Suggests a Sound Future

Peugeot are launching a new concept car at the Frankfurt motor show this month. This Electric Urban Coupe is a very big step into the future in a number of ways and a lot of people are going to be impressed.

The Design

The Fractal, as it’s known, is a true example of cutting edge design both inside and out. The shape is sleek, compact and very purposeful on the outside and the inside is a true view of the future. The exterior design, according to Peugeot, was actually designed using mathematical equations rather than then pen strokes of a designer. This means the angles and shape come straight from the numbers, the angular results are very impressive and do give a very new feel as well as a very attractive one. The styling used is likely to appear on our roads very soon as Peugeot have said it will be used on the new 3008 which will be out next year. The concept does come with a rather far fetched removable roof but things like this are often just concept gadgets and are not meant to be carried into the real world design.

The Sound

This whole concept has a very strong focus on the audio experience of driving, from road noise to entertainment the Fracture is a sound engineers dream. The aim of the car was, in part, to create a driving experience where all but the worst wind and road noise was eliminated. It was also to make listening to music and audio entertainment a serious experience. To help with this the Fractal runs on very efficient and quiet thin tyres but that is nothing very futuristic. The really exciting bit is the interior, which is covered in 3D printed material that helps absorb sound, this makes the sound inside the car seem very crisp and sharp. To help keep out the road noise the door sills have been designed, once again, using mathematical equations to actually absorb external noise. The aim here is to enhance the internal audio experience and to help keep it sounding amazing through keeping out the external noises. This kind of technology may seem far fetched but it could, and probably will, start appearing in Peugeot cars far sooner than you think.

The Technology

It is not just cool design and hi tech audio on offer with the Fractal, it is also a showcase for lots of day to day driving technology that will be appearing in Peugeot range over the coming years. Things like smart watch keyless entry offer the owner complete freedom from keys. There is also a very interesting dynamic audio sat nav system where the voice actually moves around the cabin as you near the destination. Evidence suggests that cognitive perception of the sat nav voice can help keep people on track as the journey gets the the last few turns. This means the voice will appear from the left if it tells you to turn left and so on.

The Power

Of course, this car couldn’t be completely smothered in technology without having a cutting edge electric power unit too. The lithium-ion battery battery under the bonnet powers motors on the front and rear axles offers up an impressive 168 bhp and a range of up to 280 miles. This range is larger than many current electric vehicles and will certainly be a trump card if the Fractal makes it to production.

Of course it remains to be seen how the Fractal actually evolves into a real car but there is no doubt the technology on display here will appear in real cars very soon, and that can only be good news for Peugeot customers.