This Gran Can and So Can The Viva

As part of the launch of the new Vauxhall Viva the brand did some research into how people in the 50’s feel about life as they were born around the time the last Viva hit Britain’s roads. The results show a growing number of 50 somethings getting somewhat stuck into life just like the new Viva.

This Gran Can

Over 2000 people were questioned during the research carried out by Vauxhall, the idea behind it was not just a gimmick to match the age of the original Viva, it was a social experiment into how potential customers feel about themselves. The results showed 4 out of 5 people in their fifties felt just the same as they did in their twenties and were keen to get stuck into life like never before. This has been coined the “this gran can” attitude and very much encapsulates the idea of life beginning at 50.

The Research

The research showed a large portion of those questioned were happy to spend savings on long holidays or a new car rather than keep it in long term investments. It is not to say everyone in the survey was reckless with money but perhaps they are a little more happy to spend it than people their age 50 years ago. Long extended holidays were cited as a big potential spend as well as other activates like going to a festival for the first time. Many of those polled also said they would consider lying to get out of baby sitting the grand kids so they could indulge in their latest hobby or go away for the weekend.


Half of the people in the survey said they felt older people were portrayed poorly in the media and 60% said they were much less restricted in what they can do than their parents were at that age. This shows a real seed change in attitude; being 50 is not even slightly old these days and after working hard people have every right to go and enjoy life like they did when they were young. Buying a new car is certainly a very popular choice for people in their 50s, without having to consider children too much they can go and buy a car that suits them and not be restricted by family needs.

The Viva

The new Vauxhall Viva has a lot in common with the people polled in this research, the name maybe be old but the car isn’t. The Viva is ready for anything and a perfect car for people who love to get involved with live, it is stylish, great value and has lots of toys to choose from. With things like lane departure warning and heated door mirrors as standard the Viva is very much a “this gran can” car and starting from under £8000 it also leaves plenty of money for that year long cruise you have been looking at too.