The First Images of The All New Kia Sportage

Just ahead of it’s launch at the Frankfurt motor show Kia have released some images of the all new and super cool Sportage. It is not often you get to see full images before a launch but we have some and the Sportage is certainly a real looker.

The Sportage We Know

Great value, reilable, stylish and comes with a great 7 year warranty…these are the things we know about the Sportage we have now and have had for a while. This popular crossover has been offering great value for people wanting something a little different for some years. Kia as a brand just keep going from strength to strength and so do their cars, the current Sportage was widely praised and has sold well in what must be one of the most hotly fought markets. Even though essentially the current model has been around for a few years in 2014 it got a facelift and lots of new tweeks so it is still a very capable and popular car, it is more than able to keep up with even the premium rivals from brands like Volkswagen.

The Sportage We Don’t

Kia have decided now is the time to bring in some new life to the Sportage range. So far all we know is how different it will look from a design point of view. Naturally there is all sorts of talk about engines and interior options but much of this is conjecture, it is the hard facts on display in these pictures which really impress.

There is a clear theme throughout all Kia cars and it is still present in the new Sportage; a muscular grille and sleek lines. The new look comes from the fact the headlights have been moved away from the grille itself and up higher at the front. This gives the car an even more sleek look, the lines then follow this theme all the way to the rear, they are even matched by lines coming from the front wheel arch that also rise as they move backwards. This gives the strong feeling of a lift at the rear which meets those amazing rear lights and suits an SUV so very well.

The overall look is purposeful but clearly designed to look good, the lowering roof at the back keeps things looking sporty while the larger wheel arches and longer front overhang keep the car looking stable and solid. A great deal of the design for this car was actually done in Germany, but with input from Kia’s Korean and Californian design teams too. This global effort has clearly paid off and once the engine line up is announced and the pre-order book opens the dealerships are surely going to be awash with orders.