Plug-In Car Grant Extended

An offer by the government to give any buyers of ultra low emission cars £5000 towards them was last extended in 2014, it has recently been announced this will continue into 2016. This great news for people who want to get on board the EV wagon and for everyone around the roads these cars are on.

What Cars Count?

To qualify for the grant the cars have to produce just 75g/km of CO2 or less, this means they are either ultra low emission cars or completely emission free like the Nissan Leaf and Kia Soul EV. This can include plug in hybrids and of course fully electric cars so before you get too excited do be careful to check the car you have your eye on will qualify. The best way to check is to head to your local Perrys dealership and simply ask for more details.

The Deal

The last time this grant was renewed in 2014 it was stated the whole thing would be started again when sales of relevant cars reached 50,000 units. It seems this number is likely to be reached in November this year and so the wheels are in motion to make sure even more potential buyers can benefit from this offer. 2015 saw a 256% growth in ultra-low emission vehicle sales compared to 2014, this is an enormous figure but only really goes to show how few were sold last year rather than a whole sale take over of the roads this year. It seems these cars still only make up around 1% of the cars sold in the UK but the number is increasing.

More and More

The number of ultra-low emission vehicles on the roads will continue to increase as the technology in the cars gets better but also as the infrastructure around charging fully electric cars gets better and better. Investment in helping people buy a car is one thing, but the owners also need to see investment in the charging system to help them enjoy owning one too. The fear of running out of battery is a very real one for electric car owners, and this maybe why some plug in hybrids are doing so well, they offer a bit more confidence on longer runs.

All parties welcome the renewal of this grant and the UK is now the fastest growing ultra-low emission vehicle market in the Europe which is something to be very proud of. If you thought you may have missed out and were consdiering perhaps not going green, you can thankfully think again.