Hyundai Launch New N Sports Division

Hyundai are looking to take on some seriously big brands with their newly announced sporty division simply called N. The N division will be responsible for turning up the performance heat on a number of Hyundai models over the coming few years as well as looking after the brands’ motor racing efforts.

N Is The Word

The brand have been doing some in-depth testing and product research on the road towards announcing the N Division. The clear aim is not just to make some fast cars but to offer a less expensive and real alternative to the likes of BMWs M Sport division and the Mercedes’ AMG team. To bring this new lunch into sharp focus Hyundai will be showcasing 3 different concept cars at the Frankfurt motor show next month. There will be a Gran Turismo car which will feature in a new version of the famous video game franchise, a World Rally Championship style car based on the i20 and a 2 seater mid engined sports car concept. This is quite a menu of concept cars and there will be no shortage of people heading over to the Hyundai stand to see what the N is going on!

What’s The Point of a Concept

As always, the concept cars themselves are not really the point, they are there to give people a feel for what is to come. The 2 seater RM15 concept is actually a re build of a 2103 design so even this is not totally new. However, the intention is clear and will be even more so once people have seen these cars. Hyundai intend to start making sporty versions of their normal cars and possible full bore sports cars too. There is no shortage of demand for sporty cars, and this is in no small part, down to the fact that engine technology is moving so fast people can now have a fast car and still have good economy figures and low CO2 emissions too.

Who Is Behind It All?

If you were wondering why all this is happening you might do well to look at a fairly recent member of the Hyundai team; Albert Biermann. Albert just so happens to be the ex-Chief Engineer for the M Sport division of BMW, and he know lives in South Korea in the heart of the Hyundai camp. He is responsible for all things fast and furious that is, and will be, coming out of the design studios and factories of Hyundai and we wish him the best of luck.

Hyundai make some great cars and they make them very well. It is going to be very exciting to see what they come up with in terms of sporty models, it is highly likely the first thing will be a hot version of the i30 and this could be a real challenger to the Ford Focus ST and Seat Leon Cupra, only time will tell.