Ford Sales Figures Show A Big Interest in Automatic Driver Aids

Statistics from Ford Car Buying Trends has shown the sales of Ford cars that include autonomous features are twice as popular as they were the year before. We may not be quite at the point of driverless cars but its clear Ford buyers are keen to let the computers help out a little.

Autonomous What?

The term autonomous conjurers up all sort of 1960s B movie nightmares, anything autonomous sounds like something that will take over the world in a zombie like state. However, it’s really not at all bad, it has simply become the term used when describing the currant debate about self driving cars but also used to describe any driver assist technology that takes over some of the actual driving. These assists can be anything from automatic braking using radar technology, to cars the park themselves, both are far more common than most people think. They may also include systems that maintain a set distance from the car in front on motorways or adaptive speed control systems used in cruise control.

Ford Buyers

According to the report is seems that 1 in 3 Ford cars bought this year have had one or more autonomous feature built in. This really shows that customers are more than happy to have some real world help from Fords computer systems, it also shows a confidence in what Ford are able to offer. It is not just about having the technology it is also about trusting the brand enough to use it.

Ford Forward Thinking

All of this comes at the same time as Ford launches it’s Ford Smart Mobility project, this global plan will set about creating a number of experiments across different countries to try and help with a range of motoring challenges including congestion. One the experiments is the Ford Go Drive project which allows users to pick up and drop off cars whenever they need them. Ford are also testing an entire fleet of driverless Fusion Hybrid cars using all the autonomous tech available in Ford cars today, this project will be used push further into the world of fully autonomous cars.

The Future

With systems like Lane keeping aids, active park assist, adaptive cruise control and city stop, Ford are really pushing the ways in which we can all benefit from car technology to keep us and other road users safe. They are not the only brand doing it, but they are doing it well and doing it in affordable cars rather than just leaving this spoils to the high end buyers. The fact that buyers are buying into this move only goes ot show just how right Ford have got it, no doubt next year’s figures will show another increase in the number of vehicles sold with this kind of aid.