Using a Mobile When Driving Tops the Annoyance Charts

Auto Express is a very large motoring publication and website; recently they surveyed over 10,000 of their readers to see not only what their top most annoying things other drivers do but also which ones they had a habit of doing themselves.

Seeing Red

All drivers notice the behaviour of other drivers, if they don’t then there is something very wrong with the way they are paying attention at the wheel. When people see other drivers behaving badly it is generally something that gets the blood boiling. But is seems what some people don’t notice is that they themselves may go on to commit the same offence and this survey suggests this kind of hypocrisy is painfully common.

Top Five Terrible Traits

The fifth most annoying habit of other motorists according to the survey was people not getting a “thanks” when letting someone past or into a queue of traffic. This is a common problem and it either shows the driver doesn’t even notice someone letting them through, which is very worrying, or that they are just impolite.

At number four was the terrible habit of throwing rubbish out of the window. This is not only illegal but also dangerous, it could hit something or someone at the road side and the rubbish item could be doing 50 or 60 mph! But it could also fly back and hit a car behind, and this in turn could cause an accident.

The number three slot was taken by not indicating at round abouts. Clearly a very dangerous thing to do on a busy round about, especially if you intend to carry on round to a later turning. It can also lead to people thinking you are coming off, moving forward then having to stop quickly, this sometimes sadly means the cars behind them hit them as they thought they were going.

At number two, a really big one…hogging the middle lane. This habit is very very dangerous, if you hog the middle lane and go slower than the traffic in that lane you cause it to back up, then you cause it to overtake..and sometimes on the inside (which is illegal). By causing not only annoyance to the drivers behind but also forcing them to make manoeuvres the car at fault is putting other drivers in the path of a potential accident and any kind of problem on a motorway is a serious one. It is very clear how a motorway works, there is literally no excuse for it at all.

In at number one, using a mobile phone while driving. This is highly illegal and can result in on the spot fines and points.The reason it is illegal is because it causes accidents, plain and simple. Talking and holding a phone means you cannot drive properly.

Do As I Say…

The survey was not just about what people find annoying, it was also about what they might be guilty of themselves, and the results were very interesting.

At number five the habit was the same, not saying thank you when be let in or past, so it seems although it annoys people, they don’t always say thanks either.

At number four people admitted to hogging the middle lane.

Number three saw the same people admit they might not indicate as often as they should at round abouts.

At number two a frighteningly large number of people said they have used a phone at the wheel.

The number one slot showed that the people surveyed said they were likely to speed but as the result from the bad habits list showed, this is not something they find annoying in others and clearly don’t mind doing it themselves.


So what does all this show? Well it clearly shows everyone finds certain habits annoying, and most of these habits are illegal and dangerous; that’s a good thing. The problem is, as drivers the same people seem to accept in certain circumstances these same practices are OK for them to do. It is obvious that when people feel they are being safe and they really need to make that phone call, or perhaps the round about is empty and they really don’t need to signal, they go ahead and behave badly. But if they notice this is someone else, who is probably thinking the same as they do just at a different time, they don’t like it.

The lesson here is not to stop be annoyed with other drivers, although its not exactly healthy, it is to stop these habits yourself. If you stop, and everyone stops then we can all be much happier and safer behind the wheel.