Mustang Sales Nearly Hit 2000 and Nearly Everyone Wants the V8!

To say the UK motoring world has been looking forward to finally getting a right hand drive Ford Mustang is at the very least a massive understatement. For 50 years the British public have, to varying degrees, been aware of the mighty Mustang and for 49.5 of those year have had to make do with left hand drive versions…well not any more and the orders are flying in.

Buy Buy Buy!

So far orders for the new Mustang are about to reach 2000, this may not seem like a lot but these people are ordering a car they know won’t even be in the country until November. Once the Mustang starts making it’s way around British showrooms the orders will ramp up considerably so if you want one, it might be worth getting yours ordered now. The Mustang is an icon, a true, full fat motoring icon, and to have one ready to drive on UK roads without any of the problems associated with left hand drive cars is a very big deal. It seems the gravity of the situation is not lost on the buying public who are seemingly well aware of how great this car is going to be.

Choices Choices

There are two main choices if you are thinking about ordering a new Mustang; V6 or V8. Then there are two secondary choices; Fastback (hardtop) or Convertible. Of course there are colours and trim options, and as time goes on there will be different wheel choices and all sorts of gadgetry but the choices at this point are big and important. The EcoBoost V6 is a smaller and less powerful engine but provides over 310 bhp and will get you to 60 mph in under 6 seconds, this engine also has the bonus of good fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. The full tilt V8 pumps out a massive 410 bhp and will do the same journey to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds, that is certainly the stats of a muscle car. The fastback is a cool looking hardtop in a classic Mustang style, the convertible version has an air of the Californian cruiser and will make for some amazing summer drives.

The People’s Choice

Looking at the cars sold so far it seems a massive 80% have gone for the V8 version and 80% have also gone for the fastback car. There is also a choice of manual or automatic transmission and it seems 50% of people have gone for the 6-speed manual. The odds are, at this stage, the people ordering their Mustang are hardened fans and it is no surprise they have opted for the more powerful, hardtop and manual versions. As the less petrol blooded Mustang lovers start to order their cars we may well see these numbers change substantially.

The Future

Which ever car people choose, the Mustang is an amazing offering, it comes in cheaper than a number of big rivals and also comes with creature comfort like LED headlights, and an 8 inch infotainment screen. Buyers will also get 19-inch wheels as standard as well as dual zone climate control and an upgraded brake package. The brilliant new Ford Mustang is available to order from our Chesterfield showroom today!