Could There Be a Cactus Beach Buggy?

Citroen are going to showcasing a fresh, energetic and possibly whacky version of their super successful C4 Cactus at next month’s Frankfurt motor show. The press chatter suggests a revival of the beach buggy, could this be true?

The Evidence

The C4 Cactus was very well received right across the motoring world and by the general public, this inventive and good looking car is selling well and proving to be a real hit. The French brand seem to have been spurred on by this clear success and want to show off a new take on the Cactus at next month’s show. Citroen have said it will be energetic, fresh and should capture the feelings of escape, freedom and well being. This is a tall order but the motoring press are already suggesting the only way you can capture all of these things is by making a small convertible crossover, essentially a beach buggy type car.


Citroen do have form in this department too, they launched a buggy type car called the Mehari in 1968 which was based on the famous 2CV and Dyane platforms. This super lightweight utility vehicle was all about fun and although niche, did prove popular. By 1980 Citroen has produced a four wheel drive version which turned out to be a very capable offroader.

New Versions Of Old Cars

The trend for reviving older classics with a modern feel is becoming a popular one, you only need to look at the VW Beetle, the Mini and the Fiat 500 to see that people love the romance and look of the old cars but want modern touches and reliability. It is actually really surprising Citroen have not already launched a new version of the 2CV but perhaps doing a Mehari concept with the Cactus might be a toe in the water to see how it goes.

If It Happens

If the car ever makes it into production it is highly likely it would be four wheel drive using the Cactus platform. The engines would be the 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel from the C4 and you can imagine the bright colour list Citroen would have ready to launch with the car.  It would clearly be a soft top and would probably have a similar pick-up style boot that the Mehari had. It is the kind of car that could really take off, the crossover market is massive, why not create a new segment…the “Party Crossover”?