Nissan Navara Scores Big With NP300

The new Nissan Navara NP300 has just been made an official UEFA Champions League partner even before its official launch next month. The NP300 is a powerful piece of precision commercial engineering from the Japanese maker, and it’s certainly not their first.


Nissan has been known under a number of names since the early 1930s, most famous of which was Datsun. The brand eventually became Nissan but the change in name never meant a change in quality and the brand under any name has always been one of reliability and quality. Nissan has produced iconic cars like the Fairlady, Micra, Skyline, Silvia and more but it has also been making commercial vehicles for a long time too. The first of these functional vehicles was the Cabstar which was first launched in 1968, it went on to be a very popular and strong commercial vehicle right through the 80s. There were others too, the amusingly named Homer, the Caball and the Clipper as well as the big and powerful Atlas. For most people these names won’t mean anything at all but from a global perspective they were very strong sellers and used across many countries, Nissan even managed to challenge the mighty Ford Transit in the UK with the Atlas F22.

The Navara was first launched in 1997 and went through a number of different iterations over the years with different engines, layouts and designs. As it grew up the Navara continued to be functional and reliable but become a much better looking and desirable vehicle. It is now not just a work vehicle, for many owners it is also a truck to be proud off. With its powerful looks, capable drive system and flexible cab choices the Navara is a cool and seemingly unstoppable truck.

New Approach

Although the new NP300 maintains the capability and power of the older Navaras it also includes a lot more elements from the car world to make it even more easy to live and work with. Nissan have taken design ideas, interiors features and options from many of its successful cars giving the commercial driver and domestic owner more creature comforts. Nissan also claim “car like” economy from the NP300 which will be good news for any commercial owners, now they can enjoy the endless reliability of Nissan over many miles and also enjoy a good return on the fuel they put in.

To celebrate the new NP300 that will be launched at the Frankfurt motor show next month Nissan have joined up with UEFA to be an official partner in one of the biggest football leagues in the world, the Champions league…another win for Nissan.