BBR Tuning Create A Leaving Gift For The Outgoing MX5


As the new Mx5 starts to filter into showrooms the Brackley based tuners BBS have created the ultimate tuning package for the outgoing version as one last horah, This non-turbo power boost will certainly impress owners of this amazing car.


Tuning a car is a very complex process, it is not just about sticking a loud exhaust on in the hope it will go faster, although sadly many people still think that works. BBR are a company based in Northamptonshire near Silverstone and they have been working with MX5s since the beginning and certainly know how to get the best out of them. Using highly specialised computer equipment, vast amounts of knowledge and their various carefully selected engine and exhaust parts BBR are able to add extra power to all versions of the MX5 and many other cars.

The amount of extra power is very much down to the customers choice, and the size of their wallet, the MX5 is famous for being able to handle turbo conversions which can increase the amount of power significantly but this kind of modification is not for everyone. BBR have now released a set package for the NC version of the MX5 or MK3 as it is often know, this package will give road and track users a good power gain for a very reasonable price without the need for turbo chargers and all the extra cost associated with them.

BBR Super 225

The package BBR have launched is a result a months of careful work and planning. Everything was done to not only keep within certain noise limited but also to make sure any car that the package was added to would still happily pass the MOT emissions test. This is not always the case with heavy modification and can cause some complex issues of legality; if you are thinking of adding some extra oomph to your car yourself, make sure you keep this in mind.

The package itself has been named the BBR Super 225, the main reason for this is simple; it will increase the cars power output to 225 bhp. The package includes a number of modifications including a stainless steel exhaust system, uprated air intake and filter, upgraded camshafts, inlet downpipes, throttle body and a few nice badges too. The actual work itself involves using BBR’s famous Starchip tuning system to re-teach the engine’s computer a few things and the result is a gain of 67 bhp from the normal performance figures.

What it All Means

Many MX5 owners are very interested in stats and numbers and take a great deal of time researching everything to do with the details of their car, others just love to drive. Either way this tuning package is a winner, if you want to understand how it all works then BBR are happy to explain, they will even sell you a DIY version of the kit, but they are also happy to just do the work and leave you to have fun. The result is a considerable amount of extra power and it is not all in the high rev ranges, the extra power will be felt from around 4500 rpm but the Super 225 also adds more torque and this will start to be felt just over 3000 rpm. Of course the real power increases will be felt more at higher rpm but they way the Super 225 is set up it will add some extra zip even on day to day drives.

Where Do I Get One?

The BBR Super 225 is available to anyone owning an NC MX5, it was designed as a “roll in roll out” package so you simply get in touch with BBR and book your car in. They will do all the work for you and you can simply drive away a faster version of the car you dropped off. The cost for the full package installed by BBR is just £4295 with the DIY package being around £1000 cheaper. If you already have the BBR 200 package then contact the team and they can do the required work to make sure you don’t miss out on that extra 25 bhp.

The MX5 is, was and will always be a world class sports car, now BBR are offering a simple, one stop package that will take your NC car to the next level while still making sure you don’t sound like a boy racer and can still pass the MOT, and all for under £4500.