Kia GT Delayed But Not Forgotten

The Stunning Kia GT concept car has been knocking around since 2011 and was always billed for a 2016 launch. Sadly this has delayed but according to Kia sources, not for long and it will see the inside of showrooms in 2017.

Concept to Reality

The GT was initially seen at the Frankfurt motorshow way back in 2011 where its swooping lines and suicide doors certainly grabbed some headlines. Since then Kia also paraded another concept in the same range called the Stinger GT. Both cars are a big move away from the sort of cars the brand normally make but the GT has allegedly already been signed off by the Kia design boss and will really be happening. The Stinger has also been given a lot of positive signals with Kia sources saying they are very likely to be building it. The GT will be based very closely around the GT concept but there will be no suicide doors, probably a good thing but they are very cool.

Real Power and Pace

When a non-sportscar brand starts talking about releasing a sportscar the initial response form the industry is that it will be slow, poorly powered or just not very good. This is often down to pure snobbery but it is also based on past experiences and generally performance car manufacture is a very different game to making family cars.

The evidence in this case, however, does point to the GT being a very good, fast and well built car. Kia have done an amazing job over the last 10 years in proving they make reliable cars and with their massive warranty offers even if they do break they get fixed quickly. By using all that hard work and adding a range of 4, 6 and even 8 cylinder engines into a stunning looking sportscar Kia might just crack it. The evidence also suggests the GT will be rear wheel drive which will throw it firmly in the path of not only the US muscle car market but also the German sports saloon and GT market too. The idea that the Kia will be cheaper than a Mercedes but still offer V8 power going to the rear wheels as well as reliability is a very impressive one.

Just The Beginning

The GT could well see Kia start to expand their sports car range and as the GT4 Stinger debut rumors also fly around there could be two quick Kias on our roads by the end of 2017.  The GT Stinger will be a smaller car and will probably use the Hyundai Genesis Coupe platform, this means the Stinger may well cause some issues for the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ if it makes it to the road in 2017.