Auto Express Look Back at Some of Their Best YouTube Videos ever…

Auto Express wanted to celebrate the fact they reached 100 million views of their videos on YouTube so they decided to list some of their all time favourites. Some of them really are amazing and if you haven seen them you really should. With head to head races between super bikes and supercars, in depth road tests and informative challenges there is something for everyone.

Kimi Raikonen F12 Passenger ride

This video shows you just how good F1 drivers are. Kimi is known for being the ice man, he is calculating and unshakable out on track and that really becomes apparent when you see him casually wrestling with this beast of a car. The Ferrari F12 is not a car to be trifled with but Kimi makes it look so easy he is almost doing it one handed. If you ever doubted the skills of F1 drivers this should lay that to rest once and for all. Imagine yourself in the passenger seat in the video, you may not be so polite and quiet, though you can tell he is making a big effort to keep calm.

Winter Tyres, are they worth it?

This is a very important video and really answers this question once and for all. With over 800,000 views, it does seem like a lot of people want to know if it is worth getting winter tyres or not. 2 identical SEAT Leons are used to test how easy it is to stop, accelerate and corner on snow with summer and winter tyres on. The results are staggering and it clearly shows you why winter tyres are so important.

The Nissan Juke-R tested against its big brother the GTR

When Nissan launched the Juke it is unsure if they already had plans to have build this R version. If it was pre planned then it is great to see such a reliable and fantastic brand taking a risk on something so crazy. The Juke-R is literally a stripped out, toughened up Juke with the engine from the mighty GTR shoe horned in it. What Nissan created is certainly a monster, but is it quicker than the original Godzilla car!

It is no surprise these videos have had so many views, and this is just a handful of various reviews, tests and head to head battles you can see on the Auto Express channel, The team at Perrys have certainly enjoyed watching them and lets hope there are lots more to come in the future.