A Very Special Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender as it’s currently known is getting rather old, in fact the earliest pre-production models date back to around 1947. In all the time since then the shape and general design of this iconic 4×4 has really not changed very much at all and that is no bad thing. However, the Defender will soon finally finish production and to help celebrate it’s long and successful life Land Rover have made a very limited edition named after the 1947 test model Huey.

The New Huey

The Huey name came from the number plates of this 1947 pre production model which bore the letters HUE and numbers 166. The new version Land Rover is releasing will call the Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage and all of them will carry various badges with HUE166 on the front wings and seat backs. With a price tag of just over £30,000 this unique Heritage model is certainly not cheap but it is rather special.

The Land Rover

There is literally no doubt in the minds of most motoring minds that the Defender in all its forms is, was and may always be the best off roader ever made. Of course the more recent Discovery and Range Rovers are all very capable indeed but the good old Defender will always trump them all for dogged determination and off road grit. The original Series Land Rovers were certainly basic, and that theme never really went away, even as the first Defenders arrived with a new front grill and luxuries like heating vents and proper seat belts they were still very sparse inside and out. The last iterations of the Defender have had a lot more in the way of interiors, nicer seats and many of the normal mod cons seen in other 4X4s but no matter how much you add in interior comfort the Defender is always a raw and capable car.

In terms of engines, the choices have pretty much always been slow, or slightly less slow. Even with the later turbo diesels the Defender was never meant to go fast and never needed to. This wasn’t a “SUV” that was designed to drop the kids off and then hit the motorway for a holiday run. It was a military vehicle and the a farm vehicle that was finally taken up by the various types of country and equine folk to be used in country pursuits.

The Defender Heritage

With just 400 being made this special version may well become a collectors item, the growing trend in using classic cars as investments could certainly make this the case. If you want one you will need to get to your Perrys Land Rover dealer and get your name down fast. Even though it only has 120 bhp, and a 0-60 time of over 14 seconds it is packed with charm and history. It might well be the most expensive 2 litre diesel on the market but it will make you and those around you smile. You may not want to take this particular version off roading too much but if you do buy one, treat it to a bit of mud now and again, it deserves it.