Theo Paphitis Takes On Goodwood…in a Ford Anglia

Famous for his business success and his position on the panel of TV’s Dragons Den, Theo Paphitis is now setting about taking on new challenge as he announces his place on the grid at the Goodwood Revival this year.


Business is certainly a fast paced world, it take intelligence, grit and the ability to react to changing situations. Perhaps this is why Theo has decided to take up motor racing, the attributes needed to be a racing driver are very much the same as that of a business man. He set about getting his racing license over the winter and since then has even managed to get on the podium in some early races. Theo has said the main reason he has started racing was so he could enter the Revival. He also said it was because the event is so well run and the Lord March always makes sure everything is perfect.

The Race

The Goodwood revival takes place in early September and will feature many different races and static shows. For a lot of visitors it is a chance to dress up in period clothing and really embrace the history of motoring, something that is quite a site to behold when you consider how many thousands of people attend. Theo will be taking part in the St Mary’s Trophy which is purely for production saloon cars from the 60s. The format of the race means there must be 2 drivers, one of which has to be a professional racing driver, either past or present. Paphitis is teaming up with Toyota FIA World Endurance Championship driver Mike Conway who has won races in both the World Endurance Championship and the IndyCar Series. Just to maintain some healthy competition, Theo’s business partner, Mark Blundel, has also taken up the challenge and will be fielding a team in the same race. Blundel is an accomplished driver having won Le Mans himself  in the 90s as well as a number of Indy Car races, Theo will have his work cut out trying to beat him.

The Cars

Paphitis and Blundell will be taking on the St Mary’s Race in a classic Ford, and one that has seen quite a lot of press over the last few years after it’s appearance in one of the Harry Potter films; the Ford Anglia. Naturally the Anglia is fully race prepared with a roll cage, fire extinguishers, racing seats and all the other FIA regulation equipment needed. Blundel’s team will be using another classic Ford, a Lotus Cortina; in terms of pace from the factory the Cortina is certainly a much faster car. However, you would be safe to assume the Anglia is not totally standard in the engine department so the racing should be close.

Good Luck

The race will certainly be exciting, and perhaps even more so when you know two business partners are going head to head. Lets hope they keep it clean and the best man wins.